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Thursday, 21 March 2013

He is MINE !

After for a long time i'm single suddenly my hearts found someone that i know can care , love , protect n responsible to me .. Holla Mista MH ! <3 Congrates ! coz u found key that was lose for a long time to open my heart . :) we knew at bbm . so it called BBM lOVE Story . After i knew i think i liked you .. i think i was fall in with u .. yeahh I was !! cause u're so caring bout me .. U always besides me when i need u . u such miracle's gift for me . A week after we texted each other , we decided to meet up . Our first that at Castle , 18/1/2013 and after that we always met . every single day we texts , every night we on the phone . so heaven ! :D 

 We spends lots of time together .. We won't waste every second we together . We full it do something that can be our sweetest memories that we can remember it forever ..  Like the world is our mines ! But dear .. Even we're far but my love for u never less .. My love for you will last forever . I'm so lucky cause met u . Cause had ur heart that anybody can't got it . U teached me what is life . U changed me to be more better . :) thanx MH <3 :) i really appreciate it . I really hope our relay will never end .. I always pray we can been together till our last breath. Aminn :) 

                                                            Forever LOVE you MH <3

How could you ....

Heyy .. Lama da blog aq ni terbiar terabai .. Da bersawang da haa ..  Now aq nak share something ..  Kita semua adalah sama . Masing2 ada kelebihan n kekurangan sendiri ..And tipu laa kalau cakap korg xd kawan dalam idop korang kan . Same goes to me .Tapi tu laa ..Bila kita ikhlas berkawan ngan org tapi org tu be my backstabber . Its so sucks !

This Feb 2013  , I never ever forget that worst thing happened to me . Kawan yang aq slalu tolong waktu senang n susah buat aq mcm ni . Just an idiot probs that we can solved between us be complicated when others peeps intervention in this probs . Just this probs i quit my studied . So sucks ! Coz only 2 more sems i'll graduate . Erghhh !! Sedih gilaa tau tak.. Harapan dan impian aq musnah berkecai macam tu saja .

How could u ..?? Be my backstabber ! Perhubungan persahabatan kita putus mcm tu saja hanya sbb satu masalah yang paling bodoh . Haihh ..--" ntah laa . Dunia ni hanya mainan bagi manusia . Hanya sebab DUIT semuanya musnah . Kawan menjadi Lawan . I really dun expect that u'll do that to me . Hermm .. Now for me u're stranger . Aq x penah kenal sape kau . Btw aq doakan kau berubah . :) sokayy .. Today is my turns , tomorrow maybe your turn .. So beware coz its too HURTS !!